Check out our new October Classes!

Check out our new October classes!  To see a list of schedules click here! To enroll click here!

Junior Sparklers (ages 3-5)

Storytellers (Second week of October-Third week of November)
This session, Sparklers will be able to create their own sensational stories!  Each week Miss Jacquelyn and Miss Emily will have a mystery bag filled with silly nouns, adjectives, and verbs.  Students will work together to piece these words into a story.  Students will use their imagination as they make character puppets, fantastic costumes, or draw maps of the land where their story takes place!

Sparklers (ages 4-9)

Paint Pioneers (Second week of October-Third week of November)
Sparklers will set out to explore and conquer unique and fun ways of using paint this session.  One week we may be using toothbrushes and combs to create paint textures or mixing food coloring into pudding to create a dessert masterpiece.  It’s all up to the Paint Pioneers to decide