Climb a Tree, What Do You See?

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We ended our fantastic summer with an incredibly fun and creative conclusion.  We had the campers close their eyes and imagine they were venturing into a forest where they see the biggest and best climbing tree of them all.  They imagine they climb the tree and look out onto a fantastical land all their own.  Campers came up with an island that was full of castles, candy, dragons, unicorns, fairies, and monkeys.  Campers made magical paper-mache wands that they then painted and decorated with ribbons and pom poms.  A unicorn and dragon were created by two teams of campers that used oil pastel to depict a magnificent dragon and a mystical unicorn.  Maps were drawn with oil pastel and watercolor resists to show what their land looked like.  Monkeys were painted individually to hang from the tree tops and well as snowing lollipops.  All in all it was a magical place the kids created this week.  We had such an incredible summer and we consider ourselves lucky to have had such wonderful, smart, and creative campers.  Thank you so very much and we hope to see everyone again next summer!  Please consider signing up for class with us this year, we are a year round program!

-Miss Jacquelyn