Five Star Hotel Review!

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This past week, campers acted as imaginative architects and created two incredible hotels: The Grand Golden and The Sweet Water Hotel!  These hotels were absolutely magical, check out all the amazing things you could find in our hotels!

The Grand Golden Hotel
-A foil, bedazzled chandelier
-A friendly front desk check in area
-A candy themed hotel room, complete with a bed and pillows
-A candy themed bathroom, complete a shower, sink, and shower curtain
-A roller coaster that would travel to take you to your room
-An indoor swimming pool
-Their own little elevator (made from a small cardboard box)
-Beautiful lamps that every camper got to make and take home (they really lit up!)

The Sweet Water Hotel:
-An indoor bowling alley
-A fine dining restaurant complete with an oven, hibachi grill, sink, and table
-A delicious ice cream shop with plaster ice cream scoops made by the kids
-Their own little elevator
-Beautiful lamps that every camper got to make and take home (they really lit up!)
-Exotic pets that lived inside the hotel
Each child worked so incredibly hard and had so many wonderful ideas for these hotels.  They all worked together to create one of the most fun environments we have had at The Art Spark.  Another wonderful week!

-Miss Jacquelyn