Town Transformation Camp…A Success!

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Last week marked the first summer camp at The Art Spark of 2012.  Throughout the camp we learned about the important aspects of a town. Many questions were asked, answered, and explored.  What does a town have? Who lives and works there? What’s the best way to build an ATM? How do we create a map of our town? What does a post office need? How can we make a ghost fly? How can we build an oven for the bakery?…and many more! Once we thought about these important questions we began building the things which we believed were the most important, including: the post office, firehouse, jail cell, community pool, bakery, ice cream parlor, bank, pond, park and pet shop! Boy were we busy! Here is a list of some of the art projects we created, and the techniques we used!

1.)  We drew pictures of what we thought our town would look like–with oil pastels and watercolors.
2.)  We made paper mache ice cream cones…complete with acrylic paint, our secret fluff recipe for whip cream, sprinkles, and a pom pon cherry!
3.)  We used fridge boxes (our favorite) to build and create the buildings in our town
4.)  We customized our own stickers.
5.)  We  painted murals to fill the town with.
6.)  We created play money for in the bank.
7.)  And SOOOO much more!

Here are a few photos from our Town Transformation camp, or should I say, Galaxar? That’s what the Art Sparklers decided to call our amazing town. Hope you enjoy them!

-Miss Emily

Criminals were placed in jail! This bandit robbed the bank!

Paper mache ice cream at its best!

We also built a water park for pom pons in Galaxar! Amazing!

I was also put in jail! (Sparklers told me not to worry, we were just pretending!)