Scuba City!

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 June 10-14 marked the start of our amazing summer camp program here at The Art Spark. Here are some of the questions that were posed at the beginning of summer camp.

What would happen if you dove down into the deepest parts of the ocean?
What could lie below the surface?
Who or what would live there?
What would it look like?
What could you do for fun?

As Sparklers answered these important questions, their ideas about a Scuba City developed as they worked together to transform our classroom into “Sparkler City.”  Sparklers imagined an underwater city filled with mermaids, a disco-dance party, treasure, (guarded by the infamous witch named Ursula!), a bowling alley, and much more!  As we worked throughout the week we use explore new art techniques and used a number of art materials. Here are some of the materials they had the opportunity to use:
paper mache–to create bowling balls!
clay–to create food for our restaurant “The Golden Fish”
markers–to map out the city!
paint–we painted beautiful mermaids dancing at The Disco!
recyclables–We used to make octopuses!
….and more!


Here at The Art Spark, teachers do not provide solutions for students. Instead we ask important questions that allow students to access knowledge they already have.  All the pictures of projects shown below illustrate Sparklers ability to be resourceful, creative problem solvers! As you look at each picture of the projects completed, know that all of our ideas started out with lists and diagrams on our chalkboard here at The Art Spark!



Have a great week filled with Sparks of imagination!
-Miss Emily