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What makes an amusement park special? The rides? The food? The shows? Sparklers pulled t0gether and decided that their park needed ALL of these important components! Sparklers first voted as a team to decide the “theme” to their theme park. The morning camp decided that an outer space park would be a galactic blast! They worked hard to build a roller coaster that toy cars could really go on.  Sparklers also created keychains to sell in their shiny tin souvenir shop.   The afternoon camp worked hard to create a theme park that was full of candy. They created an arcade full of games featuring peppermint skeeball and the candy frog hopper pond. Sparklers also transformed a box into a gingerbread house restaurant. With all of The Art Sparks crazy art materials at their fingertips, Sparklers were able to create a theme park all their own. See for yourself!

-Miss Emily