Enroll Now for Classes!

We have a broad range of classes available to Spark imagination before school lets out for the summer! View our full schedule of classes here.  Enroll here.  Our new schedule includes the following:

Junior Sparklers (ages 3-4)

Imagination will ignite as Sparklers think about the many di­fferent times people wear hats and why. Is it for a costume? To protect their heads? To support a team? To match an outfit? Sparklers will make a mold of their head and create their very own special hat as one of many projects they complete during this unique session. Hats off­ to anyone who enrolls! Enroll

Sparklers (ages 4-9)

Tall Tales
Imagination will ignite as Sparklers learn, explore, create, and experience the tales written from the past. Stories of dragons, princesses, wolves, castles, magical shoes, and so much more. Each week Sparklers will create or call upon a di­fferent tale. What will this tale inspire? costumes? puppets? props? illustrations? towers? castles? Will they change the stories to create their own version of the fantastical tales? Imagination will ignite as the Sparklers explore Tall Tales. Enroll

Advanced Sparklers (ages 8 -12)

Our Advanced Sparklers class is an opportunity for our older students to explore a variety of art processes and enhance their skills.  The first half of class is focused around a specific skills such as sketching, and the second hour is time for the students to explore and focus on any form of art they desire.  During this time they may pursue any idea, skill, or project with the help and encouragement of the teachers. Enroll

Homeschool Classes

During our homeschool classes students will get to experience a wide variety of artists, techniques, and skills.  Students will explore diverse artists through out history such as Claus  Oldenberg, Monet, Mondrian, and many more! Enroll

Mama and Me

During this class, toddlers will have the opportunity to explore different colors, textures, and artistic processes.  These processes will help build fine motor skills and problem solving. Enroll