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If you don’t see your school on this list, reach out to us! We are a passionate group of art educators that are constantly expanding our program to reach more children in the Cincinnati area. We currently offer our program at Rockwern Academy, Saint Michael, All Saints, Sacred Heart School, Saint Margaret of York, and Indian Hill Primary. 

Why We’re The Best Program For After School Art in YOUR School:


Our talented staff has studied art and education at the collegiate level and beyond. We work hard to bring children unique and exciting art experiences to their after school curriculum.  We have studied what fosters imagination in children and work to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, and create in ways that fuels development and growth in the child as a whole.

*Our teachers are also background checked and Virtus Trained.

Registration and Marketing is Taken Care Of

We handle creating flyers for each session, registration, and payments. Everything is done through our website. At the beginning of each session, we send our roster of students to the school so they are aware of who all is attending our program. If you would like, we can copy our forms to an administrator so you have records as well.

We Offer a Huge Variety of Materials and Teach Many Different Techniques

When it comes to projects, we are always trying out new supplies and techniques.  We provide students with the opportunity to explore materials like:  Fabric, clay, paint, slime, model magic, oil pastels, beads, shrinky dinks, weaving, paper mache, sewing, watercolor, and so much more.

We Clean-Up!

We take time at the end of each session to ensure that it looks exactly the same as when we arrived.


When we dismiss students to parents, we have a sign-out sheet to ensure that each child gets home safely.



OR call: 513-936-8333