Advanced Sparklers (9 yrs. and up)


Classes for 9 yrs. and up
Advanced classes are designed to facilitate the growth of budding young artists! Each week we will dive into a new extraordinary technique in art! Once the techniques has been studied, Sparklers will imagine & plan a way to use that technique in their own creative way!  Your child will create and refine several projects throughout the 7 week session.

Advanced Sparklers is held on:
Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 P.M.

What is the cost?
$168 per 7 week session

Schedule for Late Fall/Early Winter Session:

Thurs. 6-7:30  PM           November 16-January 17     ages 9-12  years
Schedule of projects for next session will be up Sept 21, 2018

We do not offer this class the week of Thanksgiving + Dec 24-Jan 4 due to winter camps.

What happens if we miss a class?
Your child can roll a class over to the next session, OR they can schedule a visit to Open Studio for 90 minutes to catch-up! We do not refund for classes missed.

How do I enroll & pay?
Enrolling is easy through our website. You can enroll more than one child at once on the same form if you’d like. Scroll down to the form located on this page. Fill out the form and hit continue. The continue option will take you to payment options. You can pay online with a credit card or Paypal. You do not need to set-up a PayPal account to pay online. Select: check out as guest.

Schedule of Classes





Sept 6 & 13th
Woven Wonders
From beginning to end, students will learn how to independently create a woven masterpiece! We will then work to think of different ways to embellish and customize our pieces. (Including yarn pom poms!)






Sept 20 & 27
Texture Slab Rolled Clay Letters
Students will perfect their slab throwing skills and then cut and create the letter of their choice. They will then consider different textures to embellish their letters with.







Oct 4 & 11
Draw, Design, and Carve Stamps! 
We will begin by working to think of patterns, animals, and simple line drawings that would make a functioning stamp. We will discuss what designs will be most effective, and then get to the drawing board! We will then compile our favorite designs and get to creating stamps! What will we stamp on? Tote bags? Posters? Scarves? We’ll discuss our favorite options before customizing our prints on something special!






Oct 18 & 25
Whimsical Watercolor Animals
Students will create a watercolor painting of their favorite animal.  They will work to accurately sketch their animal before using watercolor to incorporate some fun and whimsical elements!  They can imagine their animal with new colors, and embellishments however they see fit! Perhaps a colorful tiger in a flower crown?






Nov 1 & 8
Hammers, Nails, String
We’ll first work to think of different shapes that would be fun to tackle for this project! Mason jars? Hearts? Insects? Mickey Mouse? We will then come up with a basic outline and practice our nailing skills on the path. We will then learn how to intricately weave string in aesthetically pleasing way!

Schedule of projects for next session will be up Sept 21, 2018