Advanced Sparklers (9 yrs. and up)

Classes for 9 yrs. and up
Advanced classes are designed to facilitate the growth of budding young artists! Each week we will dive into a new extraordinary technique in art! Once the techniques has been studied, Sparklers will imagine & plan a way to use that technique in their own creative way!  Your child will create and refine several projects throughout the 7 week session.

Advanced Sparklers is held on:
Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 P.M.

Next session + Projects
Thursday 6-7:30         March 14-April 11          Ages 9-12 years

5 Week Session: $120

Week 1 and 2
Alcohol and Sharpie Tiles
Advanced Sparklers will create multi-colored tiles using rubbing alcohol and permanent markers. We will then paint our tiles with an overlay of acrylic patterns and designs!





Week 3 & 4
Silhouette Canvas Painting
We will learn about the art of layering backgrounds and foregrounds on canvas during this project. We will then choose an image to create a dark silhouette which, we will then paint onto our background. 





Week 5
Plaster Soap Molds
Advanced Sparklers will learn all about the art of plaster during this week. We will fill soap molds with plaster we mix and then paint our finished piece!