Classes for 5-9 yr. olds

We offer drop-off art classes for children ages 3 & up! While in our studio your child will be sure to ignite imagination as they ask questions, solve problems, and explore new art materials.

Check out what projects we will be working on this Fall! Each class now has an individual theme. Each week is a new idea and projects designed to help your child grow and develop! Come at your convenience with our class pass. Purchase a class pass by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Sibling Sparklers is held on:
Thursdays from 4:00-5:30 PM
See descriptions for Sibling Sparklers ages 5-9 years:

February 22nd
Plaster Ice Cream Scoops and Paper Cones

March 1st
Flower Pot Paintings and Seed Planting

March 8th
Pop-Up Grow-a-Garden Fans

March 15th
Golden Painted Stones and Rainbow Watercolor

March 22nd
Resist Painted Eggs andOrigami Baskets

March 29th
Plaster Coral Reef Scenes

*Our classes will go until end of May 2018. We will continue to add more class descriptions throughout the year.

What is the cost?
Classes cost $20 each. Minimum number of classes that can be purchased is 5. Class passes can be used at your convenience. You do not need to let us know whether or not  you are coming. You may not attend class without a class pass.

Can my child attend for just one class without a pass?
Unfortunately, no. It is easier for us to keep track of how many class pass holders we have if each child purchases a minimum of 5 classes.

I have a class pass, can I use the pass for my child and his/her friend?
Sure, when you sign them in we will just deduct 2 classes instead of one. We will need that child’s contact information when they sign in.

How do I enroll & pay?
Enrolling is easy through our website. You can enroll more than one child at once on the same form if you’d like. Scroll down to the form located on this page. Fill out the form and hit continue. The continue option will take you to payment options. You can pay easily through Paypal, or by mailing us a check. Voila! You’re all signed up! With our NEW class pass system your child can attend class at your convenience. We no longer offer sessions, but different projects each week for your child to imagine, plan, and create!

What kinds of projects will you do?
Each class is packed with books, short relevant videos, brainstorming, and all kinds of art materials. Projects are relevant to whatever the theme is for that day. For example if are doing a session on Hawaii, we may make ukuleles one class & sculpt volcanoes the next!  The best way to get an idea of projects is to check out our Instagram. It is packed with pictures of classes, camps, birthdays, & events.

Where is your studio located?

Our studio is located at 9430 Main Avenue. Next to Corner Coffee Cafe off of Loveland-Madeira Road.

Where do I park to drop off my child?

If you are just dropping off, feel free to drop off your child at the  white steps. We will come outside 5 minutes before class starts to let all the kids in at the steps.  Please do not park in the Coffee Shop/Antique Spots. If you would like to come check out our studio or see a project, please park in the grass lot directly behind our studio. This is a one-way entrance so please use caution when entering/exiting.

Does my pass expire? 
Your pass expires on May 25, 2018. From then we will go into Summer Camps.