Let Imagination Ignite this Spring!

Events at The Art Spark offer opportunities for kids to celebrate different holidays, seasons, and art!

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Easter Egg Hunt + Egg Marbling Party! 
March 24, 2018
4-5:45 PM
Cost: $22 per child
Ages: 5-10 years

What activities will be featured at this event? 

  • We will begin the party by decorating bags to collect our Eggs in!
  • We will then have an Easter Egg Hunt! We will eggs filled with candy, tattoos, and stickers!
  • We will then teach the kids how to use shaving cream to make beautifully dyed Easter Eggs.

What is the cost?

$22 per child










Slime Lab Workshop
Sat, April 28
Ages 6-12 years
Cost: $40 per child

What activities will be featured at this event? 

  • We will begin in our Glow-in-the-dark room creating slime that GLOWS!
  • We will then create fluffy Unicorn slime. This slime will have a hidden mini unicorn inside + beads + the color/glitter of each Sparklers’ choice
  • Lastly, we will customize mason jars to be as unique and special as the slime inside!

What is the cost?

$40 per child

How do I secure a spot for my child?

Fill out the form below and pay with credit card or via paypal. Please add a $10 service charge to any checks submitted. We will limit the number sold to offer everyone the best possible experience!

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