1-Little Swimmers Camp (3-4 yrs.) 9-Noon (Rockwern Academy Location)

Week 4: Little Swimmers
Ages: 3-4 years only
Date: June 26-30
Time: 9-NOON
Cost:  $148 *Price will go up to $175 on April 2nd 2017
Location: Rockwern Academy
Oceans, lakes, streams, and ponds are filled with exciting animals that can swim—not just fish! Junior Sparklers will learn about furry baby sea lions, penguins, frogs, sea turtles, swamp monkeys, polar bears, + their habitats. Junior Sparklers will spend their week painting waterways, sculpting animals, and pretending to swim through the waters of the world! By the end of the week our classroom will be filled with little swimmers! Enroll