2-Adopt a Pet Camp (5-9 yrs.) 9-Noon (Main Avenue Location)

Week 5: Adopt A Pet
5-9 years only
Date: Wednesday, July 5- Friday, July 7
Time: 9AM-NOON
Cost: $105 (No discounts can be applied to shortened week.)
Location: Main Avenue
Animals of all shapes and sizes need to be adopted into a loving home! On the first day of camp, Sparklers will “adopt” a pet to take care of throughout the week! (They will create a 3-D pet using the materials of their choice.) What will they create? A cat? dog? bird? hamster? bunny? What do their animal’s need? food? water? houses? a vet? Sparklers will create loving homes for their pets, and learn the responsibilities of being a pet parent! Enroll