4-Adopt A Pet//Lunch//While You Were Sleeping Full Day Camp (5-9 yrs.) 9AM-4PM (Main Avenue Location)

Week 5: Adopt A Pet//Lunch//While You Were Sleeping
5-9 years only
Date: Wednesday, July 5- Friday, July 7
Time: 9AM-NOON
Cost: $210
Location: Main Avenue
Adopt A Pet
Animals of all shapes and sizes need to be adopted into a loving home! On the first day of camp, Sparklers will “adopt” a pet to take care of throughout the week! (They will create a 3-D pet using the materials of their choice.) What will they create? A cat? dog? bird? hamster? bunny? What do their animal’s need? food? water? houses? a vet? Sparklers will create loving homes for their pets, and learn the responsibilities of being a pet parent.
While You Were Sleeping
Dreams can be exciting, magical, and offer unlimited adventures! In this camp, dreams will come to life! On Friday, Sparklers will have created a full-blown dreamland where the rules of everyday life do not exist. Sparklers may be able to breathe underwater, talk to animals, and fly to their friend’s houses. Imagination will soar as Sparklers paint, draw, and build a land that only could exist in their dreams. Enroll