4-Houdini’s House //Lunch//Fortune Teller’s Arcade Full Day Camp (5-9 yrs.) 9AM-4PM (Main Avenue Location)

Week 3: Houdini’s House //Lunch//Fortune Teller’s Arcade
Ages: 5-9 years only
Date: Monday, June 19- Friday June 23
Time: 9AM-4 PM
Cost: $350 *Price will go up to $375 on April 1st 2017
Location: Main Avenue
Houdini’s House
Harry Houdini was the ultimate illusionist and magician throughout his time on Earth. His talents  & interests were not limited to magic–as he also studied film making and aviation!  Sparklers will work together to create a home that encompasses Houdini’s interests. Will there be hidden rooms and trap doors? An airplane hanger? a movie theater? a room filled with birds and bunnies for magic tricks? Sparklers will build, paint, and sculpt a house fit for a magician! On Friday, they will perform some MAGIC! 
Fortune Teller’s Arcade
Campers will uncover a note that says to create a Magical Fortune Telling Machine!  The Fortune Teller in the machine will “come to life” to help Sparklers’ create an entire arcade.  Each day at camp, The Fortune Teller will unveil clues to decode so that Sparklers may create tokens & games that can be played in an arcade.  Sparklers will use giant boxes, recyclables, paint, clay, and more to help their arcade come to life.  On Friday, Sparklers will test out their arcade and collect tickets to purchase prizes! Enroll