4-The Gold Rush Robber//Lunch//Space Available! Full Day Camp (5-9yrs.) 9AM-4PM (Main Avenue Location)

Week 10: The Gold Rush Robber//Lunch//Space Available!
Ages: 5-9 years only
Monday, August 7- Friday, August 11
Time: 9-4PM
Cost: $350*Price will go up to $375 on April 1st 2017
Location: Main Avenue
The Gold Rush Robber
It’s the year 1848 in Art Spark city and the gold rush is a ’boomin!  Sparklers will act as the residents of Art Spark city that have struck it big by finding gold!  Before Sparklers can begin celebrating their marvelous discovery, the gold is stolen by an infamous gold thief known as “The Gold Rush Robber”.  Will we need to set traps to catch the trickster?  Will he leave us to clues to follow?  Will we be able to recover our precious gold?  We sure hope so! 
Space Available!
Sparklers will answer a space available ad in order to create a fantastic shop!  What kid of shop will we open?  Will we sell? How much will everything cost? How many workers will we need? What about a cash register? Shelves? Merchandise? Money? We will have many things to decide an accomplish in order to open our shop by Friday!  Enroll