4-Tree House//Lunch//Mystical Creatures Full Day Camp (5-9 yrs.) 9AM-4PM (Main Avenue Location)

Week 7: Tree House//Lunch//Mystical Creatures
 5-9 years only
Monday, July 17- Friday, July 21
Time: 9-4 PM
Cost: $350 *Price will go up to $375 on April 1st 2017
Location: Main Avenue
Tree House
Sparklers will have the opportunity to build their very own tree house this week of camp.  Will our tree house be built in a tall tree? Do we need a long ladder to climb up to it?  What colors will we use to paint it?  Will their be windows and doors? Or peepholes with telescopes and secret trapdoors?  What will be inside?  Couches and chairs?  Books and drawing materials?  It’s up the Sparklers to decide!
Mystical Creatures
Deep within the darkest caves, the most fantastical forests, and deepest oceans live the mythical creatures of the world.  Sparklers will be able to choose a mythical animal of their choice to create and build a magical world for.  Where will our mythical creatures live? Mt. Olympus in the clouds?  A magical forest? Under the sea? Under the ground?  In a deep dark cave?  What will our creatures need to eat?  What powers will they possess?  Will they have names?  We can’t wait to see what the Sparklers come up with! Enroll