Little Painter’s Preschool

Our Little Painter’s Preschool offers an environment where children are eager to learn and gain the tools they need to thrive in future educational settings. The Art Spark knows the value of this time in a child’s development and has created a hands on, play-based, creative curriculum. We work to constantly find ways to help our preschoolers understand each other, and effectively explore the world around them.  

Our Preschool program is designed to foster your child’s educational development as we focus on important subjects:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • History
  • Science
  • Art and Music

While also working to foster your child as a whole with focus in the following areas: 

  • Decision Making
  • Character Building
  • Social Interaction
  • Creative Play
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Being a Friend
  • and more!

The Art Spark preschool program follows a hands-on, play-based curriculum which will fosters your child’s development in reading, math, science, and ART!  Each class we will follow this schedule:

9:00-9:15 Free draw + Calendar Time + Weather
9:15-9:45 Educational Lesson Focused in Reading, Math, History, Science, Art, Music. We typically incorporate question-based learning to build off what our preschoolers already know.
9:45-10:00 Letter of the day. We may practice writing the letter, finding the letter in books, objects, and art materials, as well as list words that include or start with that letter! 
Some examples of themes we have explored include: food, friendship, families, games, clothing, and more!
10:00-10:15 AM Snack Time
10:15-10:30 Play Time (Sensory Play, Painting, Building Activities, Practice with Patterns, Sorting Activities, and more which will rotate monthly)
10:30-11:30 Art Project Relevant to Educational Content. Art is an amazing tool that can help your child develop in areas including: creativity, brainstorming, planning, strengthening fine motor skills, decision making, and so much more! 

Why at Art Spark?: Our bright, cheerful and spacious classroom is perfectly set up to accommodate small groups of children. We will stick to a 6:2 student teacher ratio to safely follow Covid-19 guidelines and make sure your child is getting the attention they need. That means we will offer just 3-6 students in a group with one or two of our talented teachers! Our teachers have a degree focused on K-12 art education, but our 10 + years of experience with preschoolers in our programs has given us expertise and tools to help your child learn, play, grow, and thrive!

Daily/Weekly Summaries: We send home a detailed summary of each lesson completed at The Art Spark. We also suggest activities that can be completed at home to supplement their class offerings.

Ages: 3.5-5 yrs. (All children must be potty-trained.) 

This program runs through May 2021. We currently offer class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or you can enroll your child to attend one day per week. Tuesdays OR Thursdays.

Times and Days:
Parents will sign their child(ren) up to attend one or two days a week. We have Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM-11:30 AM available.

January 2021
Tuesday January 5 & Thursday January 7
Tuesday January 12 & Thursday January 14
Tuesday January 19 & Thursday January 21
Tuesday January 26 Thursday January 28

February 2021
Tuesday February 2 & Thursday February 4 
Tuesday February 9 & Thursday February 11
Tuesday February 16 & Thursday February 18 
Tuesday February 23 & Thursday February 25 

March 2021
Tuesday March 2 & Thursday March 4 
Tuesday March 9 & Thursday March 11 
Tuesday March 16 & Thursday March 18 
Tuesday March 23 & Thursday March 25 
Tuesday March 30 & Thursday April 1 

April 2021
Tuesday April 6 & Thursday April 8
Tuesday April 13 & Thursday April 15
Tuesday April 20 & Thursday April 22
Tuesday April 27 & Thursday April 29

May 2021
Tuesday May 4 & Thursday May 6
Tuesday May 11 & Thursday May 13
Tuesday May 18 & Thursday May 20 

Cost: $45 or $90 per child per week (paid monthly)
*If you pay in full you will receive a 5% discount.
*If you sign up for Little Painter’s Preschool you may pay monthly as stated above but keep in mind you are committing through May 2021.

Covid-19 Guidelines:

COVID-19 Regulations in Place for Little Painter’s Preschool

1. Arrival Procedure: As preschoolers arrive please stay in your car. Text the number that is sent to you via e-mail before preschool begins. A teacher will escort your child into our studio, take their temperature with a temporal thermometer (temperatures 100 degrees or over will not be admitted) and take them to a hand washing station as required by state law. If parents need to get out of the vehicle for any reason, please wear a mask. Each staff member will also have their temperature taken upon arrival and be monitoring their own health. 

2. As mandated by the state, class sizes will be reduced based on the square footage of our classrooms. (Each child is required a space that is 35 square feet.) Our class size will not exceed 6 children.

3. All staff members and preschoolers will be wearing masks throughout class at this time.

4. Children will be encouraged to socially distance themselves from one another. Seating will be spaced out within our classroom. Each child will have an individual caddy of materials prepared by teachers to limit exposure. Art materials will be sanitized before and after class each day. Hand sanitizer and clorox wipes will be available as needed. 

5. Children are required to wear an art shirt or clothing that can get paint or non-washable art materials on them. We will not be using our smocks. 

6. Each child is welcome to bring a disposable snack and drink. All children will wash hands before and after snack. (Please pack in brown paper bag or plastic bag). Please make sure all contents can be thrown away after snack to limit contamination. Children will have designated snack spots to store their snack in and will eat outside weather permitting. Please do not pack unnecessary items for your child that are not disposable. 

7. If you’d like to see what’s happening in the studio please check our social media pages for updates, as adults are not permitted to come inside at this time to limit exposure. Instagram: @theartsparkclassroom Facebook: 

8. Leaving Procedures: Students will wash hands at the end of class and be escorted one at a time for pick-up. Please text the same number you texted upon arrival when you are present at pick-up. Your child will be brought to your car. Please, do not get out of your car. 

9. Zero Tolerance Policy: If your child is exhibiting ANY symptoms of sickness please do not send them to class. Specifically: fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, rash, frequent sneezing, runny nose, stomach pain, diarrhea etc.

How Do I Sign My Child Up? 
Please, fill out the form below to secure a spot for your child.

The best way is to e-mail us at :