Open Studio

Open Studio  is an opportunity for your child to independently explore and create in our studio in a non-class setting. Open Studio will have a different theme each week designed to SPARK imagination and creativity in young sparklers.

*Please note: If there is inclement weather please check on Facebook to make sure we are open. 


What types of projects will be available during Open Studio?

Open Studio allows for your child to plan and execute almost any art project he or she would like! This is the perfect place for your creative child to come and make gifts for family, explore and refine art techniques with our materials, and work independently.  Each time your child comes to Open Studio they will have the freedom to use the following art materials:
-Permanent Markers
-Colored Pencils
-Iron Beads
-Shrinky dinks
-Construction paper
-pipe cleaners
-Polymer clay
-white model magic
-pom poms
-popsicle sticks
-paint markers
-make slime!

+In addition to our countless art materials, your child is allowed to choose ONE of the following during each studio trip visit at NO additional charge: 
-paint a bird house, treasure box, or box
-frame for a drawing or painting they have created
-create a keychain
-make a polymer clay pen
-paint and embellish a paper lantern
-slime-3 kinds (dependent on number of students using Open Studio–requires more one on one attention)
-Fidget Spinner Pouch
-Pencil Pouch

(+If your child would like to do more than one of the projects listed above, charge is $5 per item. )

What age is Open Studio for? 
Open studio is primarily for ages 5-11 years old. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Where is Open Studio held?
9430 Main Avenue in Symmes Township. Right next to Corner Coffee Cafe off Loveland Madeira!

Will my child be taught or have a lesson during Open Studio? 
Open Studio is less about a lesson and more about exploration.  Open studio is an opportunity for your child to let their imagination run wild. If your child is unsure what to make with their new found freedom, our friendly staff will ask questions to see what sparks your child’s interest. Your child will develop their own ideas, create a plan, solve problems, & work through the creative process independently! Maybe your child wants to sculpt their pet, make a purse, or just paint the flowers growing in the yard!

How do I purchase an Open Studio pass?
Open Studio hours are purchased through a pass at the bottom of this page. Once your pass is purchased, you can come at your convenience anytime during Open Studio hours. We are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-6 PM and Saturdays from 2-4 PM

How do I let you know we are coming? 
Once you purchase a class pass, you are free to use your pass at your convenience. Anytime, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-6 PM and Saturdays from 2-4 PM

How long can I drop off my child at Open Studio?
The max amount of time that a child can stay in Open Studio is 2 hours.
Minimum stay is 1 hour. If you arrive after 5:15 and there were no other Open Studio attendees we will be closed.

What are your Open Studio hours? 
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2-6 PM Saturdays from 2-4 PM

Can I use the pass for more than one child? 
Sure! Each hour is counted individually. For example if you buy a pass for 8 hours of open studio and you bring 2 children for 1 hour, you will have 6 hours remaining on your pass.

Can I bring my child to Open Studio without purchasing a pass? 
Unfortunately, no. Selling passes helps us to have an idea of how many kids could be in the studio at a given time.

How many kids can come to Open Studio at a time? 
We allow a maximum of 8 kids at any given time.

What does the exterior of your space look like? 








I’ve never been to The Art Spark, where can I see more photos and learn more?




If you would like to purchase a pass for your child simply fill out the form below, and come at your convenience.