Rockwern Academy

All classes on this page are located inside our studio at Rockwern Academy. These classes are not open to the public.
*Please dress your child in clothes he/she can get messy in.

Class Dates:

Class Description: Winter Wonderland-Sparklers will delve into a wintery world of snow sparkling snow caps, icy lakes, playful penguins, soft and warm hats and scarves, and snowmen! Each week we will experience a multitude of art suppliers including but, not limited to paint, beads, clay, Model Magic, colored pencil, construction paper, glue, markers, and much much more! Come join us on this winter adventure! 

What do I do if my I know my child is going to miss a class?
If you know in advance that your child will not be able to make it to specific classes, please let us know before the session begins and we will prorate the session for you.  If your child misses a class unexpectedly due to illness or a change of events, schedule a make-up class for your child to attend. You can choose a class to attend for  a make-up from our class schedule on our website.  Please send us an e-mail or give us a phone call to let us know when you would like your child to come in.  We will not refund for classes missed unexpectedly.

*Please do not prop the door when you come in, or for other parents. It is important to keep the building secure. 

What kinds of projects will you be doing?

The projects will be guided by the child’s creativity and individual ideas.  As teachers, we have flexible plans that can be altered and changed based on the child’s interest, creativity and problem solving.  When doing specific projects, we will review and refine basic art skills with our students.  However, we will always focus more on process rather than product in our studio.  We offer developing artists the tools and motivation to continue learning.