Spark Starters

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Spark Starters™ are unique art kits created by Jacquelyn Graff and Emily Otte, art educators and founders of the children’s classroom, The Art Spark.  Spark Starters packages the “The Art Spark” experience into a take-anywhere kit. Instead of a kit with step-by-step instructions, this kit calls upon childrens’ own knowledge and creativity to create truly unique art projects. Each kit includes 2-D, 3-D, and decorative materials, plus a self-authored inspirational book to help your child develop ideas. Unlike other art kits for children, Spark Starters include quality art materials.
Spark Starters are great for a wide age range: very young artists can read through the book with a grown-up and be slowly introduced to new materials and ideas.  More experienced artists can read the book independently and create exciting projects using art materials in new ways.

Prices range from $29.99-$39.99 each.  These kits are available at several different locations.

What’s Inside My Kit?

Spark Starters kits contain quality 2-D materials, 3-D materials and decorative materials listed below.  Every kit will contain glue and a Get Inspired book. 

Check out the items you can find in your kit!

The book: Get Inspired! Copyright 2013.  Learn more about our Get Inspired book!


Here are 2-D materials you can find in Spark Starter kits:

Here are 3-D materials you can find in Spark Starter kits:

Here are decorative materials you can find in Spark Starter kits:

Every Spark Starter kit will come with:

Here are the extra materials that we sell individually (not inside kits):

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