Sparklers’ Night Out

  • Sparklers’ Night Out is an opportunity for your child (ages 5 & up) to spend 3 whole hours SPARKING imagination creating:
  • one 2-D take home project
  • one 3-D take home project
  • the most important art material: pizza

While YOU can have a night on the town, or sit at home & relax!

How much does Sparklers’ Night out cost? 
One child: $35
Two children: $65
Three children: $90

What age range is Sparklers’ Night Out for?
5-10 y/o

How do I enroll?

Enroll on the form below on this page. When you hit, “continue” it will take you to payment options. You can pay via PayPal or by mailing us a check.

Is anything else served with the pizza?

Strawberries, carrots & ranch, and water bottles. Dinner is served at 6:45 PM.  If you would rather pack a dinner, that is fine! Please indicate you will do so on the form below.

How do I enroll my child for a Sparklers’ Night out?

Please fill out the form below. Payment options will be provided when you hit, “Continue.” You may pay by check or via PayPal.

Where do I enter into the building?

Please park in the grass lot in the back of the building. You can enter our studio through the teal doors.  The stairway entrance is closed during winter months.

What dates is Sparklers’ Night out & what is the theme of each?

Snowflakes by Design
Friday, Jan 13 6-9 PM
This Night Out will focus on the unique quality of each snowflake that falls from the sky! Sparklers’ will create a canvas painting using mixed media inspired by snow + learn the magic of creating cut out snowflakes

Valentine’s Post Office
Friday, Feb 10 6-9 PM
Sparklers will brainstorm different ways to create mailboxes to hold their valentines. They will then focus on creating unique + memorable Valentines to give to their loved ones. (Think homemade stamps, doilies, and custom poetry!)

Gold Rush!
Friday, Mar 17 6-9 PM
This St. Patrick’s day will not be soon forgotten—as Sparklers’ are taken on a wild scavenger hunt to find GOLD that was taken by a greedy Leprechaun! Sparklers will create rainbow art, scavenge for gold, and sculpt Leprechauns on this Sparklers’ Night Out!

Pysanka Eggs
Friday, April 7 6-9 PM
Ukrainians have traditionally created Pysanka eggs throughout history (and maybe even prehistory). Pysanka eggs are created by drawing or painting ornate patterns on eggs with beeswax. Sparklers will use crayon wax to create beautifully painted Easter eggs.

Firefly Jars + Picnic
Friday, June 9 6-9 PM
Sparklers will use their imagination to create a jar that holds the magic of fireflies! If the weather is nice, we might even go outside and get some fireflies of our own! They will then brainstorm and create what they would need for the ultimate picnic.

Campfire Night
Friday, July 14 6-9 PM
It’s time to pitch a tent, gaze up at the stars, and create a campfire out in the wilderness! Sparklers will make pretend food to “roast” over a campfire. Sparklers’ will use sculpey to sculpt pretend food to take home! They will also work as a team to build a pretend campsite in our studio.

Friday, Aug 4 6-9 PM
Sparklers will work to learn how to draw their favorite animal. They will then work hard to turn their drawing into a real-life stuffed animal!