Sparkler’s Night Out

Sparkler’s Night Out is an opportunity for your child (ages 5 & up) to spend 2.5 whole hours SPARKING imagination creating:

  • one 2-D take home project
  • one 3-D take home project

While YOU can have a night on the town, or sit at home & relax!

How much does Sparklers’ Night out cost?  $30 per child

What age range is Sparklers’ Night Out for? 5-9 years

How do I enroll? Enroll on the form below on this page. When you hit, “continue” it will take you to payment options. You can pay via credit card or Paypal

How do I enroll my child for a Sparklers’ Night out? Please fill out the form below. Payment options will be provided when you hit, “Continue.” You may pay by check or via PayPal.

Where do I enter into the building? Please park in the grass lot in the back of the building. Come through the white picket fence.  You can enter our studio through the teal doors.  The stairway entrance is closed.

We have countless procedures in place:

  • Small class sizes
  • Social Distancing
  • Handwashing upon arrival and at departure.
  • Masks required for children when Hamilton county is categorized LEVEL 3 or when there is a state order in place.
  • Temperature will be taken at the door



Mermaid Wreaths
January 22
Sparklers will create amazing mermaid inspired wreaths! Each wreath will feature a painted miniature mermaid and be embellished with seashells, glittery scales, and more!

Clay Owls
Feb 5
Let’s slip, score, stamp, molding, and texture as we create some adorable clay owls. We will complete our owls with some colorful paint!

Valentine’s Canvas
Feb 12
Sparklers will create a Valentine resist canvas painting using heart stickers, painters tape, paint and glitter!

Melted Crayon Rainbow Paintings
Mar 12
Let’s learn the art of painting with wax! Sparklers will create art inspired by Saint Patrick’s Day! Sparklers will melt crayons and carefully paint beautiful rainbows on canvas.Glow  T-shirts
Mar 19
Sparklers will each get a black shirt to decorate with stencils, glow paint, and puff paint!

Painted Eggs and Stuffed Bunnies
Mar 26
Let’s pattern, paint, and customize some eggs and then have an egg hunt! We will also create some adorable stuffed animal bunnies!

Mad Scientist Slime
April 16
Sparklers will create glow in the dark slime and conduct fun glowing experiments in our glow art room!

Things that Fly!
May 7
Sparklers will start by learning how to fold three different types of paper airplanes! We will then create our very own painting of something that flies! What will sparklers choose? A hot air balloon? A dragon? A pegasus? A helicopter? Sparklers will each get to work on drawing and painting their own unique image during this night out!

Painted Cupcake Canvas
May 14
Sparklers will learn how to draw cupcakes in various ways before painting and decorating their very own custom cupcake on canvas. We will use mixed media to add a variety of special toppings to our cupcakes!