Summer Camp

Our summer camp schedule for 2017 is now available! Enrolling and payment is easy on this page!  (Scroll down for the enrollment form.) We will be offering camps for 3-4 year olds, 5-9 year olds, and 8-11 year olds.   Below you will find F.A.Q. about camp and links to see our camp schedules.

Wondering what we do at camp?

Children create projects both independently and as a team while at summer camp. They work together to brainstorm ideas and ignite imagination centered around a theme.  Sparklers will work with a variety of art materials including: paint, clay, markers, crayons, beads, jewels, plaster, pipe cleaners, fabric, watercolors, paper mache and so much more!  Sparklers will have projects to take home, and projects we created as a team at the end of each day.

How long is one camp?
Each camp is one week long. Monday-Friday from 9-Noon, 1-4 PM, or you can sign your child up for a full day from 9 AM – 4 PM.

How much does one camp cost and how do I pay?

-Camp cost is $175 per half-day camp. (Monday-Friday/9-Noon OR Monday-Friday/1-4 PM)
-A Full Day Camp for one week is $375. (Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM)


Camp Descriptions

3-4 Year-Old Summer Camp Descriptions

5-9 Year-Old Summer Camp Descriptions

FULL DAY Ages 5-9 Years Camp Descriptions 9 AM – 4PM

8-11 Year-Old Summer Camp Descriptions

How do I sign my child up?

In order to secure a spot for summer camp, you must enroll your child through our website. Scroll down this page to view and fill out the form. Once the form is complete it will show you Payment options at Paypal. It is not necessary to set up a Paypal account—you can use guest checkout and use a credit card. If you do not submit payment with the form immediately, please e-mail us ( with information on your payment method.  Payment submitted as checks will be charged an additional $10 convenience fee.  Forms submitted without payment are deleted within 10 days.  If the camp you would like your child to attend is full, please send us an e-mail that includes the camp and time of your camp and we will add you to the waiting list.

If you do not have a paypal account, do not fear! You can easily use a credit card as well. Just select the option circled in pink when you are prompted:


Once I enroll my child, what will I hear from you?

  • We will send an enrollment confirmation, with your form attached. We will also confirm payment status.
  • A few days before your child attends camp, we will send an e-mail reminding you of camp details.

Where are the camps located?
-Our Preschool 3-4 year old camps are held at Rockwern Academy:
The Art Spark
c/o Rockwern Academy
8401 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

-All other camps are held at our Main Studio:
The Art Spark
9430 Main Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45242

* Please note if you are dropping children off at both locations, they are only 6 minutes apart!

How do I get to your Rockwern Academy Location for Preschool Camp?
Our studio is in the basement of Rockwern Academy.
Coming from I-71 (Kenwood Mall Area)
Head North on Montgomery Road. Go past Panera, Chipotle, Galbraith Road, and Red Lobster. Rockwern Academy will be on your left. Use the driveway on your left. It is right before Sturbridge road. (DO NOT use the Sturbridge entrance to the school.) These doors will be locked and you will not be able to get in this way.  Come up the long driveway and you will see windows from our studio painted that say, The Art Spark. You will need to go past our painted windows. You will see main doors to your right side. These doors have three very large planters with flowers in front of them. These are the doors where camp instructors will greet you.

How do I get t your location at 9430 Main Avenue?
When you come here for the first time, please use a GPS and plug in 9430 Main Avenue (NOT STREET) Cincinnati, OH 45242 and it will take you to the correct location.  It may autocorrect avenue to street, but you still must put avenue in order for your GPS to take you to the correct location. The sign outside says, Main Street, but the GPS will only find us if you type in Avenue.  *We are located next to Corner Coffee Cafe and across the street from Shady O’Gradys.

What is the teacher/student ratio?
3-4 Year Old Camps: 5 students to 1 teacher. We accept 10 campers per camp with one teacher and one assistant. All lead teachers have degrees and have studied art & education.

5-9 Year Old and 8-11 Year Old Camps: 5-7 students to 1 teacher. We accept 14 campers per camp with one teacher and 1-2 assistants based on size. All lead teachers have degrees and have studied art & education.

What if I need to cancel a camp(s)?
Cancellation must happen two weeks prior to the camp your child is enrolled for.  You will receive a full refund if you cancel 2 weeks prior.  If we are not notified of a cancellation two weeks prior to a camp, you will be billed the balance on your account. If the cancellation is due to illness, you can reschedule (if space is available) or have a refund.

What should my child wear to camp?
Please send your child in clothes they can get messy in. We might be mixing up slime one day or painting with our hands and feet the next! We cannot guarantee that the paint will wash out of your child’s clothing.

Does my child go outside during camp?
We may do some extra messy projects outside in our fenced-in yard at our Main Avenue studio. We will eat snack outside if weather permits. We will spend most of our time inside the studio.

What should my child bring with them?
Rockwern Academy: Your child will need a nut-free and vegetarian snack each day of camp. (Please no chicken, beef, or pork.) We also suggest you pack water/juice to drink.

9430 Main Avenue Studio: Pack a snack and drink.
9430 Main Avenue Studio FULL DAY CAMPERS: Pack 2 snacks and a lunch. Or a large lunch that can be split up for snack times.

Both Locations: They should wear clothes that can get messy. We cannot guarantee paint will wash out. Some children wear the same outfit everyday for camp-which we encourage so they don’t ruin their nice clothing! 

When do campers take projects home?
Each Friday of camp, parents arrive 15 minutes early for pick-up to see what their child has created.  This is also the day when campers will take all their projects home with them.