A Very Spooky Garden!

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This past week at camp, campers were busy creating a spooky garden.  We always allow the students to vote on ideas and execute their ideas as they see fit, and they did a magnificent job this past week! They decided to create a garden that grew jack-o-lanterns (that lit up), and colorful candy. Campers also planned and executed a spooky haunted house in our garden.  The students worked hard to make bats, stuffed animal ghosts, life-size monsters, and spiders with a giant web. This group came up with some orgininal ways to create each project. Whenever I would ask them, how can we make this project? The students were full of ideas! Unfortunately, we did not have our cameras with us on Friday to capture the magic. However, there will be plenty of photos from this weeks camp to SPARK imagination!

-Miss Emily