Sparkle and Play the Day Away!

Birthday parties at The Art Spark are a special opportunity for your child to envision and plan a party with the Lead Sparklers Miss Jacquelyn and Miss Emily.  Whether your child wants to explore a magical forest or go shopping in Paris, The Art Spark is sure to SPARK embers of imagination.  Each child will engage in art projects that are relevant to the theme including painting, sculpting, design, and more.  We look forward to being part of your special day!

What is the cost? What party packages are available? 

Option 1: Art Spark Exploration Party Package
Room Decoration Fee + $24 per child
2 hours long
Best for children ages 5-8 years old

If your child wishes for us to create a themed room for him or her to explore and play in, the cost is $24 per child with an additional charge of $144 for the themed room. These rooms are elaborate! Packed with hanging decorations, fridge boxes that have been painted and transformed, as well as activity centers, to help children spark imagination! In addition to playing in this spectacular environment they will also have the opportunity to complete two art projects.  Plasticware and tableware is also included in this package (includes tablecloths, plasticware, napkins, plates, and cups) in two colors of your child’s choice.  To view photos of what a birthday at The Art Spark looks like with a themed room, view Birthday’s on our Facebook page here.

Room Decoration Fee  Option 1 :$144 For the Following Room Themes
-Tea Party
-Castle/Princess/King/Knight Party
-Tropical Beach Party/Moana
-Under the Sea Party
-Super Hero Party
-Star Wars Party
-Frozen Party
-Peacock Royal Party
-Garden Party
-Pet Shop Party
-Camping Theme/Outdoors

Customized Room Decorations Not Listed Above Fee: $250
If your desired theme is not listed above, create a completely customized room based on your child’s interest! When you choose this option, you will also get to KEEP all decorations created for the party .  If there are bought decorations that were not created for the party, for example: lanterns, those will be kept by The Art Spark. Character paintings, cardboard structures, etc. can be taken home by birthday child.  (If you want.)

Option 2: Art Spark Play and Create Party Package
$24 per child
2 hours long
Best for children 5-8 years

If you wish to have a themed party with no room to explore, the cost is $24 per child.  We will buy special materials and have projects relevant to the theme your child chooses. Children may also play games, create a fun story, draw a mural, or have a scavenger hunt.

Option 3: Brushworthy Party (Canvas painting)
Starting at $24 per child
2 hours long
This party format is for children 8 & up
This party is focused around creating a unique canvas painting. The birthday boy/girl will have the opportunity to decide what type of painting to do.  (If we haven’t done a painting like that in the past, we will customize one just for him/her!) At the starting time of the event, our talented instructors will begin by showing you the materials we will be using for that days project or painting. Throughout the party each person will be encouraged to use different brush strokes and colors to let their creativity shine.  Many Brushworthy parties will use a fun variety of materials geared towards helping each piece  to have its own unique flair. Our instructors will provide step-by-step guidelines as you create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Option 4: Creative Tots Package
$300 total
80 minutes long
Limit of 10 attendees. This party is for 2-4 years only.
During this party, children will play and explore different activity centers relevant to a theme.  For this party a room is created based on whatever theme your child chooses.  For example (a puppy themed party) : Children could feed puppies, give them a bath in our water table, read books in a puppy house, train puppies to do tricks, etc. A parent is encouraged to stay with each toddler at this party. 
Check out our Birthday Invitations and Goodie Bags!

Option 5: Chic + Fabulous
$1200 total
Friday Nights Only 6-9 PM (3 hours long)
Girls 8-12 Years
Limit of 15 attendees.
We pull out all the stops for this one-of-a-kind birthday experience. In fact there are so many, we have to list them all:
-Chic + Fabulous decorations throughout the entire party. Centerpieces, “bling bling” chandeliers, twinkling lights, flowers, + much more takes this party from ordinary to extraordinary. Your daughter can choose 2 colors for decorations.
-2 Extra Large Pizzas from Larosas Pizza will be served
-Fresh strawberry Fruit Cups
-Bottle Water, La Croix, Fruit Juice
-1 or 2 extravagant projects for girls to complete. (A few Ideas: tie dye, making purses, painting an object and embellishing it, painting pots, canvas painting, framed watercolor painting, embellishing accessories, etc.)
– Graeter’s Ice Cream Bar: Includes 1 Gallon of Vanilla and Black Raspberry Chip ice cream, M & M’s , oreos, gummy worms, sprinkles, cherries, and chocolate sauce.
-Soundtrack of your daughter’s choice will be playing throughout the party.
Drop the girls off for the night of their life! (Parents of the birthday girl are welcome to attend, or drop-off)


If you are having your party with us:

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Once we have received this information we can begin planning more for your party.  *Please give us a call at 513-936-8333 or send us an email to confirm a party date, headcount, and time before filling out the form. 

Birthday Party Q & A

What are some themes you have done in the past?
Go! Diego Go!
Dr. Seuss
Under the Sea
Rubber Duckies
Rainbow Unicorn
Down on the Farm
Princess Tea Party
Around My Town
Pizza Cafe
Super Spy Party!
Dungeons and Dragons
Outer Space
The possibilities are endless! Please do not feel limited by the list above. Any interest/hobby your child has could become a theme for their party!
We need to know the theme for the birthday party two weeks in advance.  You can view photos from birthday parties by liking us on Facebook.

When do you need a final headcount of attendees?
Four days prior to the party, The Art spark will need a final headcount of guests. This will be the number of guests that will be paid for the day of the party. We use this number to purchase an appropriate amount of supplies for the party projects.

Parties can only be held in our studio on Saturdays and Sundays.  How many children can come to the party?
20 is the maximum number of children that can attend a party at The Art Spark.

If the party is Creative Tots, the total number cannot exceed 10. (This is because each child will have an adult with them at this party.) 


How would it seem more like a birthday party than an actual class?
We try to make the child who’s birthday it is feel like the star! We choose projects that are what the birthday boy/girl would like very much and have to do with the theme that they choose. We consistently reiterate that it is his/her’s birthday. We eat cake and have drinks which also makes it much different from class. If you were to go with Exploration package the whole room would be transformed into looking like whatever he/she chooses. This makes it even more about them and their special day.

If we went with the Art Exploration Party package, what happens to what you build after the party?
The Art Spark keeps most of the structures and props that are used for birthday parties.  We will let you know if there are certain props or structures that you can take home with you!

Will the children work together or independently on their projects?
For birthday parties the kids do individual projects so that they have special projects to take home that are all their own. We do team projects in class and camp to encourage working with another and communication.

What is the cancellation policy?  What do you do if there is bad weather?
If you needed to cancel due to illness we would need to reschedule for the next available date. Any other cancellations we would need to know two weeks in advance.  The Art Spark studio will close if weather conditions make it to dangerous to drive.  We close if Cincinnati Public Schools close.

Where is your studio located?
The Art Spark
9430 Main Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Main Location:
The Art Spark
9430 Main Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45242

To find us with a GPS type in: 9430 Main Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45242 (NOT MAIN STREET)

Directions coming from Montgomery Road North exit off Ronald Reagan: 
  • Continue on Montgomery Road going North (you will go past Stone Creek & Montgomery Inn)
  • Turn Right on Remington Road
  • Turn Left onto Loveland-Madeira Road
  • Turn Right onto Main Avenue.
  • Continue until Main Avenue “dead ends” and turn left to park in the upper grass lot.
  • We are located next to Corner Coffee Cafe in Symmes Township! 

When do you need payment? Is there a deposit?
We will need the payment the day of the party. You can pay with check or cash only. (Credit cards are not accepted.)  Checks should be made out to: The Art Spark. There is a $50 deposit due once the party is scheduled. The $50 deposit is deducted from your total on the day of the party.

Can we bring balloons/things to decorate with?
You are welcome to bring decorations for your child’s party. Please drop them off Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, before the party so we can hang them up.
What is the schedule for the big day?
We have a set schedule for birthday parties that we have found works out nicely. Instead of doing cake at the end we do projects at the end.
Schedule for 2 hour parties:
-Introduction of children 5 minutes
-Play/Game 35 minutes
-Sing/Cake 15 minutes
-Projects 55 minutes
The reason why we have the kids eating the cake before doing the projects is because we don’t have to clean up all the project mess before the cake. We set down tablecloths and have them eat the cake first then just gather up the tablecloth after and start to do the projects on the table.

Schedule for Creative Tots Party:
-Learn each child’s name 5 minutes
-Play in activity centers 60 minutes
-Sing and eat cake 15 minutes

Why don’t you have the birthday boy/girl open presents? 
The main reason we do not open presents during the party is because it is only an activity for one child. During the parties we want all the children to be engaged in fun activities as much as possible and have enough time to complete their own projects. Opening presents also takes away an unpredictable amount of time from the rest of the party. 

What types of art projects will the kids do? 
Sparklers will create art projects all relevant to the theme that your child chooses.
For example: At a Frozen party we may sculpt Olaf with model magic, make frozen wands, and snowy capes!
For example: At a Garden party children may paint pots, plant a flower, and paint a garden from his/her imagination!
For example: At a Superhero Party children could make masks and watches that give them special powers!

Which teachers will be at the party?

Miss Jacquelyn, Miss Emily, or Miss Hannah and one assistant will be at each party!

Can parents stay at the party?
We prefer to have drop-off parties because some parents tend to try to over-help the kids with their project and we really would like the kids to be able to work independently and create something entirely their own. It’s totally fine if a parent would like to stay, but when there’s a lot it can be chaotic. It is also a small space to try to squeeze all the parents into. If you are the parents of the birthday boy/girl, we would love for you to stay and take photos and experience your child’s party! If grandparents or other family of the birthday boy/girl would like to stay they are welcome as well.

Goodie Bags $3 each Let us put together the goodies for your child’s party! Each bag includes: a pack of markers, play-doh, a bouncy ball, and a rainbow lollipop!

We hope that answers some of your questions! If you have more questions, do not hesitate to e-mail or call us! Thank You!

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.